Did you know that YOU get to choose the company that will repair/replace your windshield or auto glass in MD, DC or VA?  That’s right.  Your insurance company doesn’t get to make that choice—you do!  We’re here to help you through the entire process.  We make it easy for you to do business with us.

Auto Glass Insurance

The states of Maryland and Virginia, as well as the District of Columbia, all have the standard insurance coverages with regard to auto glass repair and replacement. Coverage for an auto glass loss would fall under the comprehensive coverage portion of your personal auto policy (PAP). In these jurisdictions, there are no state mandated waivers for deductibles in relation to auto glass. If you have a PAP in the state of Maryland, Virginia or in Washington, DC, the deductible amount you selected under your comprehensive coverage will apply. 

Insurance Basics

The most commonly used Personal Auto coverage is Physical Damage coverage. Listed under Physical Damage coverage are collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. 
Collision Coverage:
This covers your Personal Auto for physical damages resulting from colliding with an object. An example of a collision loss would be an insured auto colliding with another auto, with physical damage occurring to either party. 
Comprehensive Coverage:
This typically covers most other forms of loss; fire, theft, vandalism, flood, car windshields, or any other car window replacements that you might need. When you need glass repairs for your auto, your comprehensive coverage is the coverage that applies. Comprehensive coverage is an optional coverage, but it is also typically less expensive than collision coverage to have on your vehicle.  For this reason, many insured drivers choose to have comprehensive coverage. 
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