Commercial Window Tint

Solar Film - Commerical Window Tinting

Energy Efficiency

Adding solar film to your commerical building and dramatically lower your heating and cooling costs.

Window Tinting

Solar Protection

The sun can cause a variety of problems.  Fading of upholstery is one.  Eye strain caused by glare is another.  Sun coming through your auto glass also causes the driver to require more air conditioning use in the summer, which leads to higher fuel costs.  Window tinting can eliminate every one of these issues.
There is no need for the whole world to know what or who is in your car or truck. Whether you are transporting cargo or your family, your privacy is valuable. Window tinting can give you the privacy that you want.  Your family and property will be safe from intrusiveness.
A Deterrent to Vandalism/Theft
Window film completely eliminates “smash and grab” theft from your vehicle.  It makes it virtually impossible for your car or truck to be broken into through your auto glass.
Window tinting and film aren’t just valuable for your vehicle.  Your home and/or business can benefit, as well.  The value that is provided by tinting and film is enormous.  Call Millenium 2 Auto Glass today for more details on these beneficial services!

Auto/Truck Seat Repair Services

We do many repairs and modifications to make your auto/truck seat look nice and feel great: 
  • Repair of Seats
  • Repair of Inserts
  • Repair of Springs
  • Lumbar Support Pads
  • Weld Seat Frames
  • Recover Bench Seats
  • Recover Bucket Seats



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