Tinting the windows of your automobile can totally change the look of the vehicle – and its functionality, too. Millennium 2 Auto Glass is here to share why you should consider tinting your windows and how to do it right.

It’s All About Protection

The biggest reason tinted windows are a great investment is that they offer a lot of protection, and a few different kinds, too.  With tinted windows, you are protected from:

  • Glare. Tinting your auto glass reduces glare from sunshine, snow, and other vehicles, increasing your visibility and improving the safety of your driving overall.
  • UV rays. Tinted windows protect your upholstery, too.  Those UV rays we hear about in the news aren’t just bad for the skin – they’re bad for your car interior!  Tinting will block almost 100% of harmful UV rays, which helps prolong the look and life of your auto upholstery.
  • Heat. Not only UV rays are blocked, but so is heat. Not many people enjoy stepping outside in summer under a blazing sun just to get in a hot, stuffy car!  By tinting your windows, much of the heat radiating from the sun is blocked, helping your car interior stay nice and cool year round.
  • Unwanted eyes. We all appreciate privacy, and having privacy while driving or parking your car is a great bonus.  Whether you just have young children sleeping in the back or you don’t want to reveal your identity to that high school friend stopping next to you at a red light, it’s nice to have a little privacy in your car. Tinted windows can provide the right amount of protection so that you can see out, but the world can’t see in.
  • Break-ins. In addition to privacy, you get protection.  It’s dangerous to leave valuables like laptops, phones, iPods, tablets, and other electronics in the car, but sometimes there is just no other choice.  Fortunately, tinted windows keep out prying eyes, lowering the chances that someone will spot your important possessions and try to snag them when you’re not around.  If a window is broken, you could always have it professionally replaced – but why not make sure it doesn’t occur in the first place?
  • Cracks. Accidents happen – glass breaks.  Luckily, tinting fuses an added layer to auto glass making the glass stronger and helping broken pieces stay together if any damage occurs.  If you’re in any sort of collision, the last thing you need on top of the stress and possible injury is a bunch of shattered glass everywhere.

Abide by the law

Have you started to see the benefits of car window tinting? Don’t run to your closes service station just yet. There are laws regulating auto window tinting in Maryland and you’ll need to follow them if you don’t want to end up removing excessive tint you paid for. According to the law,

-          Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 5 inches of the windshield.

-          Side and rear windows must allow more than 35% of visible light in (rear windows on a multipurpose vehicle, such as SUV, station wagon or pick-up truck, can be as dark as you want).

-          Metallic (reflective) elements are allowed in a tint to help minimize the glare.

-          The tint colors of RED AMBER YELLOW are not allowed.

-          Dual side mirrors are required if back window is tinted.

-          Manufacturers of film need to certify the film they sell in the state. Ask your dealer if they are using certified film.

-          Each tinted window should bear the sticker between the film and glass to identify legal tinting.

-          Some medical exemptions exist for special tint.

NOTE: most cars come pre-tinted at 20%, which means if you put another layer of 35% tint, it will be illegal.

You may not think of it at first, but tinted windows can make a world of difference for your vehicle.  It’s understandable to be uncertain, because tinted windows are a big change.  If you decide to invest in the protection of your vehicle, your family, and yourself by adding a tint to your car windows, contact your local solar tinting professionals whether you have a passenger car or need a commercial truck window tinting in Maryland. Our pros will get the job done, so that you can keep riding in style and safely.


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