RV Windshield & Glass Replacement

Millenium 2 Auto Glass is the preferred source in the Central Maryland, Northern Virginia and District of Columbia areas for RV windshields and glass replacement. We have been servicing RV dealers and owners since 1995. We work on all makes and models, either directly through the consumer or through one of the area's fine RV dealers. 

While some glass can be sourced OEM from the manufacturer, many parts must be custom measured, cut tempered and set. This type of customized work requires years of experience, and Millenium 2 Auto Glass has more RV experience than any provider in the Metropolitan MD, DC, and VA areas.

Truck Fleet Glass Repair & Replacement

The safety of the driver and the cargo are always top priority. If the windshield or other glass is chipped or cracked, the driver’s field of vision may be impacted, which can be very dangerous when driving a vehicle weighing 30 tons or more! When mirrors are damaged, seeing what is happening on either side of the truck is difficult or impossible, depending upon the extent of the damage. 
Millenium 2 Auto Glass has been repairing and replacing truck glass since 1957. In fact, we have more than 40,000 truck jobs to our credit, with a large portion of those being semi rigs. 
Truck windshields are big and heavy.  They require a specific technique to achieve a proper set and seal. Some windshields, known as "gasket set" windshields, require a completely different skill-set from that employed in a conventional auto windshield . Trust the trained professionals at Millenium 2 Auto Glass to properly install your truck glass. 
Millenium has more experience in working with truck glass than any other service provider in the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia metropolitan areas. We're proud to say that our reputation for quality, on-time work is well known throughout the trucking industry. 
Benefits of using Millenium 2 Auto Glass for your truck fleet:
  • The most experienced truck window installers in the region
  • Large in-house stock of truck glass
  • Same day service
  • Weekend and evening service
In addition, Millenium 2 Auto Glass also provides:


Truck Seat Repair Services

Millenium 2’s upholstery service has you covered, whether the truck is fleet owned, company owned, or personally owned.
We do many repairs and modifications to make your truck seat look nice and feel great: 
  •  Repair of Seats
  •  Repair of Inserts
  •  Repair of Springs
  •  Lumbar Support Pads
  •  Weld Seat Frames
  •  Recover Bench Seats



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